Cutest 16 Siberian Husky Mixes dog breeds

1. Shepsky

husky german shepherd mix gerberian shepsky



Combining the German Shepherd genes and the Siberian husky will lead to this loveable, cute, and gorgeous pet are known as Shepsky.

Energetic, loyal and medium size, this breed of dog god some of the stunning features from both of the parents. This loveable dog is very affectionate. shepsky is also considered a working dog.

Because of this alertness and smartness, a dog has a background in guarding jobs, search and rescue duties, military operations, and police work.

2. Husky


The husky breed comes from a sled dog with both its parents’ breeds common for work in the arctic. Therefore, it makes sense that a mixture of Husky and Alaskan Malamute would do exceptionally well at pulling sleds.

Husky is an active dog; however extra precautions must be taken, especially if you reside in warm weather. An Alusky is an exceptional blend of stubbornness and smartness that are common in parent breeds.

However, they can learn tasks quickly; however, it is a real challenger to dog owners not used to the right methods.

3. Goberian




Goberian is also one of the most popular Siberian husky mixed breed. This is a designer hybrid that crosses two extremely renowned breeds, Siberian husky and golden retriever. goberians are easy to train and very loyal.

4. Boxsky


Boxsky is a mixture of Siberian Husky and Boxer dog. If you are searching for an affectionate dog, then this one is for you.


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