21 Dogs That Get Along with Cats

Step three: casual interactions
If there aren’t any growling or hissing fits while they’ve been in separate areas, try introducing your pets within the same room. search for signs the intro goes well. “Happy cats and dogs have relaxed body postures and can show causal curiosity toward one another when within the same room. there’ll be no vocalization and therefore the pets are going to be easy to distract if needed,” says Demling-Riley. Never allow pets to be together if the cat starts hissing, pin its ears or swish its tail back and forth or if the dog stiffens up, growls, or gives the cat a death stare. If it’s not going so well, give them a one-minute break and check out again. Then once you try again, make certain the cat has an elevated surface and therefore the dog is on a leash. Praise both pets once they have calm reactions. “When the pup and cat become more acquainted, they ought to spend time together within the remainder of the house and with fewer barriers,” says Demling-Riley.

Step four: treats!
If things are moving along nicely, you’ll start creating positive associations with food. Cats and dogs can get to understand one another a touch better by eating within the same room. Keep them far enough apart in their comfort zones, place a highly desired treat in their bowl. because the cat and dog get easier with one another , move the bowls closer. “Having the cat and dog dine in front of every other teaches them that positive things happen when the opposite is around,” says Geller.


As long as there aren’t signs of fear, stress, or anxiety in your cat or dog, decrease the space between the cat and dog every day , Dr. Bernal says. Reward the pets with affection and treats once they are within the same room. “Eventually, your cat will learn that the looks of the dog means food, treats, playtime, and a spotlight ,” says Dr. Bernal. If it all goes well, the cat will stop self-isolating and return to its everyday habits. Still, you ought to air on the side of caution and separate the dog from the cat once you are out of the house for a minimum of the primary 30 days, advises Demling-Riley. In time they might be the simplest of friends—or a minimum of tolerate one another when left home alone.