21 Dogs That Get Along with Cats

1. basset hound

longest living dog

Aside from their penchant for howling—ahem, melodious merrymaking—the basset , with its long, floppy ears, is about as mellow as you’ll get. they’re also incredibly loyal and patient, which can go an extended way during the introduction and acclimation period with their feline sibling. With those attributes, the Bassett hound is one among the simplest dogs breeds for cats.

2. Beagle

longest living dog

Beagles were bred to hunt in packs, so they’re already hospitable sharing their space with other animals and other people . Unlike Snoopy, who merely puts up with Woodstock, beagles in real world thrive on interaction with other dogs, pets, and other people , making them a top candidate for dogs that get along side cats. Though your cat might wonder why dogs howl when the beagle gets so excited about an equivalent ole squirrel that’s been within the yard forever, aside from the occasional annoyance, there probably won’t be any fur flying.

3. Bulldog


Built low to the bottom with a body sort of a tank, the Bulldog appears as a four-legged bully. Well, maybe to other dogs. they typically don’t make fast friends with other dogs, but cats and other pets are more welcome. Its short snout makes it susceptible to heatstroke and its short coat doesn’t fair well within the cold. Plus, they aren’t fans of the water and that they are lazy dogs that make excellent nappers, therefore the Bulldog and your cat have already got four things in common, making them one among the simplest dogs that get along side cats.

4. Cavalier King Charles spaniel


“Cavs” are likely one among the foremost beloved toy breeds that stay puppy-sized forever. they need huge hearts of gold and bestow love on everyone they meet, which is why they create great emotional support dogs. the precise intuitive nature that gives affection and encouragement for patients in hospitals and nursing homes is right for sharing a home with a cat. Cavs skills to backtrack once they should and they’re hospitable a feline napping buddy. and since Cavs like better to always be within the company of individuals or pets, they’ll love having a feline roomie while you’re out.

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