11 Symptoms Of Breast Cancer In Women That Aren’t Lumps

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No got to Google “early signs of breast cancer” to understand one among the telltale symptoms include a lump within the breast. Irregularities, like lumps and bumps, are, after all, the foremost common thing women are told to stay an eye fixed and check out for during a breast self-exam. But what about carcinoma symptoms that *aren’t* lumps? They’re more common than you would possibly realize.

A non-lump symptom was exactly what Meghan Hall, 34, discovered before she was diagnosed with carcinoma . “I noticed something green spilled on the front of my shirt, I didn’t think anything of it—until i attempted to require it off and realized it had been stuck to my nipple,” Meghan told WH. “My breast was leaking green fluid.”

That’s right: Meghan’s carcinoma symptom was green fluid leaking from her nipples—and her experience isn’t unique. One in six women who discovered their cancer themselves caught it supported a less-obvious carcinoma symptom, like nipple abnormalities and weight loss (a.k.a. not a lump), consistent with a 2017 study published within the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

These self-reported breast cancers—especially ones that do not involve the standard lump—highlight why it is so important to concentrate to any strange signs or symptoms or changes you’ll be experiencing, additionally to staying on top of your mammograms and annual checkups, says Neelima Denduluri, MD, the associate chair of the U.S. Oncology Network Breast Committee.

Instead, it is best to look at your breasts as a whole—keeping track of what they normally feel and appearance like—so you’ll report any changes to your doc, whether they’re cancer or not, she adds.

Here are a number of the foremost surprising carcinoma signs and symptoms in women, so you recognize what to seem out for besides lumps.

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