There in is our instruction from the muse: gratitude

by PicsieChick on February 26, 2011

somewhere beneath this suffocating blanket
of winter’s twin blessings
snow and cold
she lies dormant

resting waiting
testing the depths of our gratitude

even in these days of bitter cold
she pours bright sunshine
that spills through my windows
to bathe the floor
the cat
my feet

and therein is the paradox
in every day
and there in is our instruction from the muse

I read today that gratitude can be an antidote to the world’s suffering

and these words shared by Lindsey
sink into my bones
fill up the pores within my heart
in all its parts
the broken open
and the hammered shut

I once told my dear friend Kelly that Beauty will save us

but I didn’t mean shoes
though our toes need the love of 
brilliant design and delicious colour

or shinies
though their distraction is both
welcome and enthralling

rather it is more the search for Beauty
the desire for it to imbue and inform our moments
large and small

the practice of including her radiance
even in our most difficult adventures
at its best
the practice of gratitude

thank you Vast Mystery
for these glimpses
and promises

thank you

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Lindsey February 26, 2011 at 2:59 am

Stunning, stunning … the desire for Beauty to inform our moments large and small. Oh, yes. That photo is breathtaking: hope incarnate. And what Beauty there is in that!


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